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Lowongan Kerja PT Amerta Indah Otsuka

Thursday, September 22, 2011 | 9:20 PM

KEY ACCOUNT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Jakarta Raya Responsibilities: Key Account Development Program is Management Trainee for Key Account. This program is the opportunity for young talented people who have ambition, passion, and professionalism to enter supervisory level within our company in fastest time. This program will give you chance to learn all you need at modern market area. After completing this program you will be placed as Key Account Supervisor who have responsibility to handling sales at modern market. Requirements: Maximum age 27 years old Min. S1 graduates from reputable university with min. GPA 2.75 Actively involved in extracurricular activities in school or the community with historical of leadership role Good interpersonal and leadership skill Able to explain thoughts clearly, adaptable, and mature Have driving license class A (SIM A) If your qualification match with our requirements, please send your application online through our website at or send your complete CV with recent photograph to : PT. AMERTA INDAH OTSUKA Wisma Pondok Indah 1, 7th Floor Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. V-Ta or email (max 350 kb) to : < Please write down the position code on the top left of the envelope or email subject
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Lowongan Funding Officer Bank Saudara

Sunday, September 11, 2011 | 6:46 PM

PT Permata Indonesia is one of the official vendor of your bank which currently requires some labor as:

Lowongan Kerja Funding Officer

1. Male / female max 30 years
2. experienced at least high school education
3. like working in the field of marketing
4. able to work under pressure-oriented career
5. look attractive
bona fide:
1. basic salary IDR. 1.500.000-2.500.000
2. sales commission
3. bonus
4. jamsostek
5. career

Application immediately send your CV to:

or come directly to:
PT Permata Indonesia
Jalan Raya Kebayoran Lama No. 225
meet with Nazhierah on the 3rd floor
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Lowongan Surveyor PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia

We are a multinational company PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia, engaged in insurance services, today we are opening vacancies as:
Lowongan : SURVEYOR

- Conduct a survey claims the vehicle and make a report to be processed by a claims handler

- Minimum Diploma education
- Minimum 1 year experience as a Surveyor
- Fresh Graduate please apply
- Has a two-wheeled vehicles
- Have a valid driver's license
- Understand the motor vehicle

If you meet the above requirements, please send your CV along with recent photograph to :
with the subject [Surveyor]
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Lowongan ; Dibutuhkan sales cordinator properti (BOGOR)

We are the largest property company in Bogor is in need of some people who were placed as a Sales Cordinator provided as follows:
1. P / W min 21 years
2. Education min D3
3. Min 1 year experience as Sales (property, insurance. Automotive)
4. Having own vehicle
5. Got a lot of relationships and databases
6. Have the motivation, discipline, hard work, honest, diligent and strong-willed to go forward.
7. Can work with the target system.

For those who are accepted will be given: Money Wages, Commission & Bonus interest.
Awaited proposal no later than September 15, 2011. Only qualified are we to call.
If you are interested, please send your cv & resume to:
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Lowongan Calibration Supervisor, PT.Combiphar

PT.Combiphar is a company that is rapidly growing. Currently we need professionals to join our company and fill the position:

Lowongan : Calibration Supervisor

With the following requirements:
1. Female, age min. 25 years
2. Minimum D-III Mechanical Engineering or SMU / SMK Machine
3. Having experience in same field min. 1 year
4. Have the knowledge and skills regarding the implementation of repairs and maintenance of production machinery
5. Knowing the different types of measurement tools and methods of calibration
6. Knowing the system documentation
7. Master program computer (Ms. Office)

Send application (+ recent photo), a full cv to:
Jl.Raya Simpang No.383, Padalarang 40 553

Or email: gina.hazairin @

Include the application code in the upper left corner of the envelope or email subject. Applications submitted later than two weeks after this notice.
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Lowongan Kerja : PT. PRIMA CONSULTING EXECUTIVE SEARCH Posisi : Manager Reporting - Tangerang

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 | 6:31 PM

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Posisi : Manager Reporting - Tangerang
Closing Date : 09 / 10 /2011

Indonesia locker is a job search site, for you
we feature a variety of information, about job vacancies, latest info and news up todate for you.
hopefully, we did a little of this can be useful for you.
keep the spirit, and continue to work with a burning passion

greetings to your success

Want to apply for a new job? How successful tips for your job application is received?

Formulation of the strategy in getting a job is a step that is used to achieve a greater opportunity in order to achieve your career opportunities and employment.

At least there are five important steps that must be done. If you forget any of this, then your ability will be weakened.

Here's five steps are closely related to your success in the search for employment opportunities.

* market your self capability
* Creating a dynamic cover letter
* Create a resume that displays the contents of confidence
* Have a strong expertise in the interview
* Perform follow-up

market your self-preparation of this section is one important step in conducting a job search. The strength of your preparation will take you through the search process. Preparation includes:

* Determination in showing your strengths and weaknesses
* Evaluate your work and career interest
* Reinforce your career path from one to the other
* Analysis of the geographical area of ​​interest
* Develop a list of workers that may
* Use media that is able to introduce yourself to the area
* Search, so people easily find you.
* Establish rapport with everyone who might be able to provide jobs and career paths.

The best way to prepare to introduce yourself is by using the internet and other media, so you are easily recognizable by others.

Creating a Dynamic Cover Letter
When you finish preparing for the introduction, the next step, you can prepare a cover letter to be sent to those who will accept you. Among them are the:

* Address the letter to the personal
* Take a reader's attention to the first paragraph in the letter.
* Show with confidence, but not orogan.
* Focus on achievement, intelligence and your skills, not on the responsibility.
* Write no more than one page.
* Use keywords that are related to important areas of work

A resume or a curriculum vitae is a document that explains about your work experience, your education and training that you follow, as well as your expertise in the work.

a good resume is a marketing media about yourself. You need to know about yourself, assuming the recipient is a buyer's job. Why should they hire you? Your resume is a medium that is helping you to it. The key include:

* Clearly explain about yourself
* Contains information on how recipients can contact your worker
* Describe the skills in your career, areas of interest, and power you have,
* Focus on the skills, abilities and achievements that you have.
* Explain about your success in education,
* Use the keywords required by the receivers work,
* No more than one page for those who have just graduated, and no more than two pages to the other.

No matter how you introvertnya, anyone can learn how to pass the interview process as well. This is an easy thing to learn the basic rules, past practice, and refine the techniques you use as often as you can.

Keep in mind, no matter how great marketing is about yourself, making a cover letter and resume, you might lose the opportunity if the interview process is not passed properly. Here are some basic things about the interview.

* Appearance and your first action is the key,
* The interviewer can generally recognize you at a glance within the first five minutes,
* The use of clothing is not just a cliché, use pakaianmyang feasible for the process.
* You need to try and control the tempo and direction of the conversation, do not just respond to them, but also take the initiative.
* Prepare well as answers to questions frequently asked by the interviewer as well.
* Prepare questions as well, so it shows that you yourself also proactively through this interview process.
* Keep in mind, that you're selling a product, namely yourself, so do not be too humble.

Follow-up This is the last domino is essential for your success. If you do not follow them, you might fail here, namely at the last step. Follow these steps:

* Number who interviewed you, ask about the interview,
* Number returned them to show interest in you, and you believe yourself to it,
* Send a cover letter and your resume immediately, especially if they ask this.
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